The Boiled Frog Higher Education Budget

First it was between $200 and $300 million. Then just $300 million.

Then $380 million. That’s pretty much the same as $300 million, right?

And then $420 million. Or $380 million. So then it’s not really approximately $400 million, because at least one of those numbers is less than $400 million.

As of this week it now up to about $500 million. Or between $400 and $500 million when the more tactfully edited version of this article was republished.

Or heck, let’s just settle on up to $500 million.

Now, tomorrow we expect that Jindal’s fresh hell budget proposal will finally be released. Though based on reading all these articles, higher ed is apparently being fed these speculative numbers… they aren’t coming up with them completely on their own.

When it could be $500 million, $300 or $400 million doesn’t seem so bad anymore, right?

A slowly boiled frog who doesn’t jump out of the pot is dead.

$300 million is still a disaster. It’s not a compromise.

Just ask Moody’s.


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