Breaking Up With Bobby Jindal

Well, wow. Guess what. This expose’ on CenLamar’s blog proves what I knew. This was all supposed to blow up and make US look bad, not Jindal.

Governor, I have data and I’m unleashing them all now. Years of data and years of research. I will prove without a doubt that what you did to us in higher ed was planned and you sacrificed our kids and our institutions who serve them. Especially our African American students, non traditional students and students in poverty.

It was brilliant, Governor, but not so brilliant it couldn’t be figured out.

And I may or may not be smarter than you, but I have something you don’t have.

A conscience.

Oh, and nothing to lose except my career.

Come get me. In just a few days I’m sure you will want to.

Breaking Up With Bobby Jindal.


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