Support our Students at the Capitol on April 15!


On April 15, Louisiana’s public college and university students will join at the Capitol to say NO MORE to the continuing budget cuts which are threatening the very existence of our state’s higher education system. All of it. From LSU down to the smallest regional university and community college. We must resist any and all attempts to divide higher education and stand together as ONE.

Those of us who actually work for or lead higher education have not been noted for our bravery in the face of these cuts.

Even now I don’t think people realize how bad it is. They can’t believe that we are really staring down over $600 million in cuts, leaving ALL of Louisiana higher education with just $123 million TOTAL in Bobby JIndal’s budget. The credits in Jindal’s budget are DEAD. Will. Not. Happen.


Who will go and stand with our students on April 15?

I will be going.

It will be like my coming out party.

I will be requesting, no, DEMANDING annual leave. So don’t worry, Gov. Jindal, I won’t be protesting on your time. I am perfectly happy to use my time to stand up to you and what you did to us, and what you are still doing to us.

That is, if you are still paying attention. If you aren’t, I am also willing to stand in front of the bomb you are getting ready to set off in higher education to shield our students.

Who will join me?



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